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Pop up card/ Wall decor

For a little while now I've been thinking about designing some sort of pop up card & wall art in one. I had no plan for the theme and really had no idea what I was doing in general, but I just started painting.

I absolutely love flowers and butterflies (my favorite things to draw) so I thought that would be a lovely idea for my first pop up design. I had this vision of a butterfly gently sitting on a flower with a gorgeous little garden surrounding it.

I think the cutting out the butterfly was the hardest for me. I meant to have a little white border going around it but of course wasn't thinking about that once I started cutting it out. PS Always have a plan "B".

With my yellow flower, I painted one half on the outside and left the other half blank. The inside I painted into a full flower so when you open it, it gives the illusion of it blossoming. I know, I'm a genius!

Once I had my butterfly and flower completed I decided to create one more flower but a smaller version of the other.

My cutouts were completed and now it was time to place them in a way that looked somewhat natural. I was going to use glue but remembered I had double sided tape (less mess). I used that to place my designs cleanly which, let me just say, was the best decision ever!

Once everything was in its place, I used acrylic paint to create the rest of my background so it flowed nicely. I was going to do a different design for the inside of the butterfly to let people be able to write little notes in it but I decided to add my own sweet little message.

Since I wanted this design to also be able to be used as wall art I didn't want to make it too card like. I will however create smaller versions where people can write little messages, so stay tuned for that. I truly enjoyed designing this. It took me a full three days only because I had no idea what I was doing at first, haha. I will be making a lot more of these and eventually will be adding them to my shop. Want a custom card or wall piece for your home/office? Send me a message so we can discuss your ideas and prices! Contact Me

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Carmen Hylton
Carmen Hylton
Jan 29, 2022

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

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