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Monster Shop Collection

I have seriously waited what felt like an eternity for the launch of this collection from Cotton + Steel and it is FINALLY here!

Monster shop is a collection that originated from an old print I did called "Space Food" (see original below). I have always had a fascination with aliens and UFOS and thought, how interesting it would be if aliens shopped like us in their own world. I started imagining what kind of items they would buy and took off with that idea.

Space Food

What started off as just canned goods, all of a sudden turned into a full on shopping spree. I mean who doesn't love shopping right!? I wanted to make each print tell a fun story of the items an alien would purchase. From going grocery shopping to buying self care products, I needed to find a way to make these "ordinary items" unique.

Monster shop

Altering the colors gave this entire collection a cosmic playful look and helped guide me into creating this fun filled story. I wanted to create something that a lot of people find creepy (aliens) and turn it into something silly and happy. The vibrancy and details of this entire print portrays just that.

Monster Shop

Monster Stars

I'm beyond proud of how this collection has turned out and I can not wait to show you what's to come this year! "Monster Shop" is now available at your favorite fabric shop! Check out Cotton + Steel to find the nearest location to you.

I can't wait to see what you create out of these pieces!

Tag me on insta @ashleyinthestar for a feature.

Cotton + Steel Fabrics

Cotton + Steel Fabrics

xo Ashley N Satanosky


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